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Product portfolio:

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Hotmelt PU reactive adhesive for:

  • Textile lamination
  • Wood lamination
  • Flat lamination
  • Profile wrapping
  • Assembly

Water based adhesives, coatings and specialties
  • Textile lamination
  • Wood lamination
  • Pre-coating / primering
  • Functional impregnation
  • Water repellancy
  • Heat reactive adhesives

Thermoplastic hotmelts:
Coralbond ASL
  • Anti slip coating

also we have:

  • Self adhesives HMPSA
  • EVA hotmelts

Complete overview and brochures further below

Our Coralbond-range for textile lamination and coating

Our Coralbond-range for technical lamination

Examples of Applications

1) flat lamination MDI < 0,1%
2) parquet lamination
3) profile wrapping

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