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Cleaner HMP-X

Schmits Chemical Solutions and Coraltek, developed a special hotmelt roller cleaner. We offer a strong cleaner, that removes cured hotmelt parts from (engraved) rollers, even when they are carbonized and burned-in. The formulation works in conjunction with higher temperatures and is based on “mild chemistry”. It does not contain hazardous components, neither is it listed on Restricted Substance List (MRSL), the SVHC candidate list of REACH and the MRSL of ZDHC

Do not hesitate contacting us for more information on pricing, availability and the needed safety documentation. Click here below for a technical datasheet

Coraltek becomes Coraltek B.V.

Thanks to you, our business is growing and so we need to change the legal status of our company into a “B.V.” which is a “private limited company”. Everything remains the same except some account details. You can find them under Contact us

ECO PASSPORT for 10 Neotherm adhesives

OEKO-TEX® granted their ECO PASSPORT for 10 Neotherm polyurethane hotmelt adhesives of Neoflex. This passport helps our customers to obtain OEKO-TEX® on their laminated fabrics. Click to Download the complete report or visit the product page

producing parquet flooring

Neoflex developed a new PUR hotmelt adhesive for producing laminated parquet flooring. Our Neotherm PU 3604 outperforms many of the competition.

Properties of Neotherm PU 3604:
Low temperature application (130-140ºC)
– Very high initial bond
– Very fast building of strength
– Very clean application

Parquet floor

Glueing the multiplex

Cross section

Delamination after 45 min

Clear glue lines

Clean nozzle application

Heavy duty flooring

Special lamination of heavy duty flooring using Neotherm PU 3418

For our customer, we laminated steel plate to heavy duty multiplex using Neotherm PU 3418 and added a UV indicator to visualize the adhesive during the process. The opened fresh laminate shows a perfect transfer of the adhesive. The end-product withstands outdoors usage (all weather), heavy impact (mechanical & chemical) and carries heavy weight (mechanical stability).

Coraltek helps commissioning of a new dual melter

A new dual melter equipment has been commissioned with purge cleaner of Neoflex. Coraltek supported this commissioning whilst having a video conference with the final customer. These difficult “Covid times” bring the best of us above and force us to be creative. We always strive to support our customer’s business.

neotherm pu 3435 bio

There is a stong trend in reducing our footprint and acting on growing waste inventories. Therefore, Neoflex created a polyurethane reactive hotmelt that contains a minimum of 70% of renewed raw materials.

Neotherm pu 3550 mle

Neoflex also developed a micro emission polyurethane hotmelt for textile lamination. This adhesive is trendbreaking and paves the way for a safe working environment. Micro emission means levels of MDI lower than 0,1%. Neotherm PU 3550 MLE is so called “label free” and has no hazardous symbols on the packaging.


Light weight composite with wood fineer

Together with our customer, Coraltek helped developing a light weight composite material using a space-knit and a wood fineer. This results in a bendable, decorative and insulating material. The glue used Neotherm PU 3344 on a roller coater.

Coraltek introduces Coralbond AS

We developed a hotmelt based antislip coating to be easily applied by a hotmelt roller- or gravure roller onto non-woven, fabric or rigid substrates. Just contact us for more information

Highlights of Coralbond AS:

  • Transparent
  • Low odour
  • Low emission
  • Very short open time
  • “Non sticky” yet “rubbery”

Methods of application:

On roller coater or gravure systems. Very high temperature stability and non yellowing. Suitable for many end applications

Examples of end products:

  • Bath mats
  • Car mats
  • Underflooring
  • Carpets
  • Place mats
  • etc., etc.

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Coraltek launches Coralbond PU series

We are proudly presenting our own range of PUR HM adhesives

In cooperation with a texile laminator, Coraltek developed its own PUR HM adhesive for lamination of film to textile. The final product is used as a breathable composite used in sports wear. Interested? Do not hesitate in contacting us.

coraltek supporting ppe lamination

Coraltek supports a renowned lamination company in the Indian Subcontinent with the right adhesives manufacturing PPE suits and gowns for medical care. These laminates are made of PP spunbond non-woven and PP barrier films. To reduce environmental impact, these suits and gowns can be used multiple times in a safe and sustainable way.

New project with Maan Engineering for flat lamination

For a very demanding requirement, where the customer uses materials with tension, Coraltek is supporting the project with a new reactive hotmelt development that provides very high initial bonding power.

MLE (micro emission) PUR hotmelt

Neoflex developed a range of very low emission reactive PU hotmelts. These adhesives come without the cancer warning sign because the MDI content is below 0,1%. Performance is given and now also safety at your work spot

Bio-based flame retardant

Schmits Chemical Solutions developed a bio-based (ASTM D6866 50-85%) flame retardant agent. Producers of advanced textiles very often are asked for biodegradability and bio-based finishes / treatments on their textiles. We offer you a suitable product

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