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Coraltek B.V.

Coraltek was founded in March 2019 as a consultancy and trading company. We are a company based out of the Netherlands but focussing worldwide. We hold representations of leading international companies and offering products from our own portfolio. Providing you with sales- and technical service is key to us. We believe in transparency and a personal touch. We strive in building a trustworthy, long term relationship with our customers. We offer solutions and the best possible support. We operate under Coraltek B.V., a limited company registered in Enschede (The Netherlands) under KVK 82595887


Coraltek works for you on a consultancy basis. We will help you identifying the right processes, machinery and chemicals. We have expertise in coating and lamination with all relevant requirements, that need to be fulfilled.

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Inspection, development and problem solving

Coraltek helps you to get your products and projects right. We have the team to do product development, analysis, qualification, certification, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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